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Jade Displays International Corp. was initially founded in 1998 in Beijing, China. Within the past 20 years, we obtained the experience of the trade show organizing and operation across Asia and North America. Our expertise includes trade show planning and official contractor. In recent years, we are creating different systems to suit specific targets for the North America market, Jade Exhibition Ltd. and Jade Expo Ltd.

In 2012, Jade Expo Ltd. was officially founded in Canada. The new brand Jade Expo Ltd. is striving to provide top-notch service in trade show cooperation and investment, with the goal to build an industry-leading exhibition platform.

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Real Home Expo (RHE) 2021

The Real Home Expo (RHE) is associated with Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA). The largest real estate and home exhibition in northern GTA. A professional exhibition platform that integrates real estate transactions, developments, architectures, investments, and home improvements.

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Jade Expo Ltd. is focusing on building a professional trade show platform tailored for you.

We made it, not every company could last in their industry for over 20 years with an excellent reputation. We will use our experience from the last two decades to help you set up your unique trade show platform. Besides our own show, we are always seeking partnerships with existing trade shows. We believe that only by raising the bars together, we can lift our industry for the upcoming future.

The trade show industry is evolving and competition is becoming tougher than ever. Jade Expo Ltd. is a qualified ally you can count on to not only upgrade your show facilities and infrastructure and also keep your ideas fresh and unique. By investing your show, Jade Expo Ltd. will split the risk with you and double the profit for you.

20 years soaked in the industry, Jade Expo Ltd. has acquired enough resources to share in every aspect. We believe that only the strong ones work together, we will overcome any challenges the future may bring.